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    lukasz gaszewski

    Five relatively new (established 2007) Polish commemorative stars, conferred for participation in missions in designated areas.

    L. to r.: Afghanistan Star (2007), Iraq Star (2007), Chad Star (2010), Congo Star (2010), Mediterranean Star (2010).

    Each star has a ribbon in a distinctive color with edges in the colors of the country of the mission. In the center there is always a red stripe, flanked by narrower stripes of white. Ribbons for further possible missions will follow this pattern.

    A sixth star for missions in former Yugoslavia had also been planned but the idea was eventually turned down. Certainly a big loss to all who had served there.

    I wanted to upload each star to the Medal Database, but since the server was changed, I have had problems with uploading, so I stopped trying.


    Whiz some images over to me and I’ll put them up for you, Lucasz… it still works fine from here. Only I have ventured into areas for which there are no sections in the database yet, and requests have not yet been acted upon.


    paul wood

    Thank you very much for showing these stars. For modern issues they are of surprisingly good quality and it is nice to see that each campaign is individually cited rather than the British catch all OSM. Nice to see Polish troops getting the recognition they deserve.



    The picture is awesome !

    The sixth planned Star is temporary called "Flying Crew Star".
    The propriate legislative act has been adopted on August 19th, 2011. (CLICK)
    The Star will be awarded to airmen serving in international operations (inter alia: NATO Baltic Air Policing).
    The insignia, ribbon and details will be introduce by President’s of Poland Regulation in 2012.

    Witaj. W sierpniu 2011 sejm przyjął nowelizację ustawy o orderach i odznaczeniach, która rozszerza możliwość nadawania Gwiazd i zapowiada ustanowienie nowej (tymczasowo mówi się o niej jako "Gwiazda Załóg Latających"), dla lotników biorących udział w misjach międzynarodowych (m. in. NATO Baltic Air Policing). Jednak wszelkie szczegóły będą znane dopiero w 2012, po opublikowaniu odpowiedniego rozporządzenia prezydenckiego.

    Świetne zdjęcie. Gwiazdy wyglądają ślicznie !

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.


    Thank you, Mboro…. recently I have started a collection of relevant legislation for ODM of the world. My translation skills are getting an excellent workout these days :)

    And it puzzles the local expatriot Polish when they get greeted in the supermarket!!!



    Here’s a little update.

    On May 4th 2012, the Air Crew Star () has been established (with 3 months of ).

    Here are the links to legislature act:
    :arrow: http://www.dziennikustaw.gov.pl/du/2012/625/1
    :arrow: http://isap.sejm.gov.pl/DetailsServlet? … 0120000625

    The ribbon bar is similar to Mediterranean Sea Star – but the inner blue fields are suspended by the steel one (according to the colour of the Polish Air Force uniforms).

    Warm regards.
    mboro 8-)

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