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    fred j borgmann

    The Wisconsin Perry’s Victory Centennial Commission Medal in bronze as awarded to participating Wisconsin National Guardsmen is listed in my Wisconsin Military and Civil Medals book as number 89 on page 73. The listing also mentions that gold versions of the medal exist. The gold version is .9166 fine (22k), 38.5mm in diameter and weighs 33.6 grams. The medals were struck in Philadelphia by J. K. Davison and Sons. How many were minted is still a mystery to me. I know that eleven medals were awarded as prizes for the best essay by a high school student in each of Wisconsin’s eleven Congressional Districts. The prize medals were handed out by the Wisconsin Governor at the State Capitol in Madison. The Governor was also awarded one of the gold medals which is illustrated here. The commission consisted of seven members plus a secretary. I wonder if they were also given gold medals. How about the Lieutenant Governor? The Adjutant General? When the medals were awarded their value was listed in newspaper accounts as $25. After the event was over the Wisconsin State Treasurer recorded a mint refund of $625 which may mean that 25 medals were un-awarded and scraped for their gold content. If I can ever find a copy of the commission’s final report these answers may be answered.

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