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    This myth just wont go away. With the errors in the three books in press and greedy dealers on e-vile bay. This myth survives. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about. This is the Knights Templar Malta Jewel. It has a black or black & white ribbon with a White Maltize Cross with the USA shield in the center. I did a display at the convention in 2009. You can this buy this badge NEW today from the LA Fraternal supply co. for about $14.95. I encourage ALL OMSA members when you see these badges for sale. As GAR badges to inform the seller that they " NOT GAR BADGES" maybe if enough of us band together, we can slow down the myth if not maybe some day end it. I have been trying to get ebay to ban them under that tittle as a false ad.
    Peter m Coulton
    OMSA #7443
    CWVHA charter member #15

    jb floyd


    The "Death Medal" myth will outlive us all. I’m always amazed by how pervasive the myth is and the unwillingness of many folks to accept that their folklore is inaccurate. Part of that is from sellers who know that anything related to the GAR will sell faster than a Knights Templar badge, but part is that there is a general resistance to change, especially when "I read it in a book". That the book was a result of shoddy research never sinks in.

    But, we can try.


    Here is a link to a great article written by George Kane for the Veteran in 2009.
    I recommend all the OMSA members read it. It will give you some great insight on
    a very miss under stood badge.
    http://civilwarvets.blogspot.com/2007/1 … badge.html
    Peter M Coulton


    I have finally gotten E-bay to agree to stop allowing the listing the Malta Jewel as the GAR DEATH BADGE. We’ll see if they follow thru with it or not.


    What the LA Fraternal supply co website?


    Drain, What are you asking? About LA Fratenal? That’s one several companies that you can buy brand new Malta Jewel from today. They have a web site. That has a catalog that shows a photo of the Malta jewel. :D

    ed muller

    A link to Los Angeles Fraternal Supply Co page that shows the jewel with various upgrades for "state" or post follows:


    From there you follow the link to their order on line page and the Malta Jewel is $13.00 You do not have to die to get one.

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