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    Sasha Baron Cohen is doing a new project loosely based on (or, perhaps inspired by) the book written by Saddam Hussein, "Zabibah and the King." The movie is called "The Dictator" and is supposed to be released in 2012.

    The lead character played by Cohen wears a lot of bling, and I thought it would be interesting if all of these could be identified.

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    Frank Dutil

    What is he supposed to be? An admiral in the Swiss Navy? :lol:


    Being Sacha Baron Cohen, it’s certain to be verging on the ridiculous. I think he’s pretty funny. I’m not sure, but I believe that the character he plays, a dictator, had body doubles, and somehow he got tossed out of office, and ends up poor and broke in New York and tries to get back in power somehow.

    I tried to upload a clear picture, but that’s the best I could do. Here’s a link to a slightly bigger picture for ribbon ID:

    http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gall … -dictator/

    lukasz gaszewski

    Practically all US ribbons, most of them of US National Guard of different states + some PHS + some foreign (Belgium, RVN).


    Hi all,

    Okay, so I followed your suggestions and researched the various state’s National Guards and the Public Health Service medals. To be honest, I would never have thought of the PHS if it hadn’t have been for you guys. Here again is the blow-up of the fruit salad:

    http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gall … /fullsize/

    I think that I’ve got most of them, but can’t figure out 5. As best as I can tell, they are:

    1. XXX | Mexican Service Medal | Mexican Border Service Medal | American Campaign Medal
    2. Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal | European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal | Army of Occupation Medal | Medal for Humane Action
    3. Antarctic Service Medal | Kosovo Campaign Medal | Korean Defense Service Medal | Humanitarian Service Medal
    4. Air & Space Campaign Medal | PHS Outstanding Service Medal | PHS Hazardous Duty Medal | PHS Commissioned Officer Association Medal
    5. Philippine Defense Ribbon | Philippine Liberation Ribbon | French Croix de Guerre 1939-1945 | Belgian Croix de Guerre
    6. Vietnam Staff Service Medal | XXX | Multinational Force & Observers | XXX
    7. Kuwait Liberation Medal | XXX | Alabama Faithful Service Medal | Alabama Active Duty Basic Training Medal
    8. Alaska Legion of Merit | Alaska Air Medal | XXX | Colorado Foreign Deployment Service Ribbon
    9. Michigan Distinguished Service Medal | Hawaii Recruiting Ribbon | Colorado Mobilization Support Ribbon | West Virginia Service Ribbon
    10. Arizona Distinguished Service Medal | Michigan Lifesaving Medal | California Drill Attendance Ribbon | Colorado Meritorious Service Medal
    11. Colorado Mobilization Support Ribbon | Florida Recruiting Ribbon | Florida Service Ribbon | Georgia Humanitarian Service Ribbon
    12. Georgia Service Medal | Hawaii Commendation Medal | Hawaii Service Medal (Type 2) | Hawaii 1968 Federal Service Ribbon
    13. Idaho Reenlistment Ribbon | Indiana Retention Ribbon | Indiana Long Service Medal | Iowa Medal of Merit
    14. Iowa Humanitarian Service Ribbon | Kansas Air National Guard Outstanding Guardsman Ribbon | Kentucky Faithful Service Ribbon | Louisiana Commendation Ribbon
    15. Massachusetts Military Medal | Michigan Outside U.S. Service Ribbon | Minnesota Medal for Valor | Nevada Emergency/Humanitarian Service Ribbon
    16. Kansas Air National Guard Outstanding Guardsman Ribbon | Ohio Distinguished Service Medal | Oregon Commendation Medal | California National Guard Federal Service Ribbon
    17. Vermont State Special Duty Ribbon | New York Military Commendation Medal | Montana Attendance Ribbon | Washington Service Ribbon

    Some were difficult to make out, so, if you spot any mistakes, feel free to correct them.

    Can anyone identify the large awards on the sash and under the ribbon rack? Those are really interesting.

    Thanks everyone,


    lukasz gaszewski

    The words of my highest appreciation for the work you did!!! :D I tried to identify your XXX ribbons:

    1-1. Dept of Transportation Superior Achievement Award (partly covered by the beard)
    6-2. RVN Training Service Medal 1st Class
    6-4. Inter American Defense Board Medal
    7-2. Air Force Marksmanship Award Ribbon
    8-3. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla Meritorious Achievement Award

    As the same ribbons are sometimes used for different awards, different identification is possible too.

    Dictator Cohen’s stars are interesting too. They are all fantasy pieces, but they are based on the stars of actual orders of merit of different countries.


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