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    I am a U.S. service member trying to create a military shadowbox for my grandfather who served In Thailand (Thai Military/Police). the only picture I have is one from around 1945-47 it shows him wearing 4 medals 3 of which I feel i have 98% accurately identified. 1) The Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant (4th class). 2)The Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand (4th class). 3) East Asia Combat Service Medal (1941-1945) with combat bar. Ive found a medal that looks identical to the one hes wearing 4)? Commemorative Medal on the Occasion of the Elevation of HRH Princess Sirindhorn to the title of "Princess Maha Chakri? However, this puts the photo (known date) in question by 30+years. How is this possible is there another more rarer medal not listed.

    What little history I do know is that He was given the Honorific title of Luang and Was sent to Turatao Island in 1938 to in charge of building a prison. Ive attached pictures of said medals and photos with hopes of some clarification thank you in advance.

    Very Respectfully,
    Petty Officer 2nd Class Pongpakdee, Teela
    Grandfathers Medals.docx

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    The 4th medal sure looks like commemorative medal for the elevation of Princess Maha Chakri (2520). I don’t have any other official medals/ribbons which are even close to that in appearance.

    Which puts some doubt into the photo date ? In such case, perhaps the 3rd medal then is also later, such as Korean or Vietnam war victory medal ?

    Also, with the 3rd medal, the top bar does not indicate combat service per sae. All the victory medals have this top bar.


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