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    fred j borgmann

    As I dispose of some medals on eBay I will list then here so that collectors will have a record of them.

    St. Louis, Missouri National Guard Battery “A” 1905 gold and enamel member’s medal.
    This rare and beautiful medal is of multi-piece gold construction consisting of a gold planchet within a gold strip edge and attached top loop. The obverse is enameled red. Mounted in the center is a gold cluster of trophies which includes an old cannon on which an eagle is perched with two American flags in the background. Above is the gold legend: Battery “A” below which is a gold base line with stacked cannon balls and an ax at the viewer’s right above the gold initials “N. G. M.” The reverse has an engraved monogram presumed to be the original owner’s initials and the date 1905. Attached to the loop is a small gold chain about 1.25 inches long. What the original suspension was is unknown. The medal is 10k but not marked, weighs 5.39 grams and is about 23mm or 7/8 inch in diameter. Battery “A” traces it’s history back to the War of 1812 as per an article published by the Missouri Historical Society in 1903 titled “A History Of Battery “A” of St. Louis”.
    Batt A NGM.jpg
    Batt A NGM rev.jpg

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