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    So… It’s time..
    After neglecting the site for a long time, it was time for a major update.
    Almost EVERY medal on have been updated.

    I’ve updated a lot of the images to better versions, and have introduced some new sections:
    Badge (not yet 100% complete)
    Shoulder tabs

    When I’m done, I’ll start putting civilian medals on, starting with the Marching Band’s like on the old
    Please let me have any comments and thoughts you guys have :)

    -Created the entire new section "military parawings"
    -Created the entire new section "civilian parawings"
    -Added Medalj for Samhällets Skydd to "My awards"
    -Added SGAUS Membership medal to "My awards"
    -Added Order of Merit, Order of Saint Isidore to "my awards"
    -Added picture, notable recipients and more to Defence Medal for Meritorious Service
    -Added a picture for the Badge of Honor of the Society of Danish Military Athletics
    -Added new picture and text for the Fire Department Long Service Medal
    -Added info to Nersornaat medal (Greenland)
    -Added 3 "notable recipients" to the Danish Home Guard Medal of Merit
    -Added AE-COPSD European Police Cross of Honor in Gold to "my awards"
    -My awards-> rank insignia completely redesigned. I hope you like it and it gives a bit more sence now
    -Updated "about"
    -Added POW info on the Medal for Excellent Service
    -Added First Aid Proficiency Badge



    Good for you, Sune.

    My site grows almost daily so I don’t post much about it… :)

    Hugs from Megan



    Good for you, Sune.

    My site grows almost daily so I don’t post much about it… :)

    Hugs from Megan

    And people know that, so they don’t need a heads up, when stuff’s happening ;)


    great dane

    Hi Sune,

    I like your site – a lot of work has obviously gone into it :-)

    Not to throw a spanner in the works, but just a ‘heads up’ on a couple of things:

    I see that a lot of photos are "copyright" (kudos to you for always trying to get the copyrights under the photos), but a lot of the photos on that site are clearly taken from auction catalogues from Bruun Rasmussen and Thomas Hoiland, without stating so under the photos. Now, whether that site has the right to use those photos I can’t say, but it is something you should be aware of.

    I also see that quite a few of your photos are from Liverpool Medals, but be aware that some of them are – how can I put it politely – ‘non-originals’… in some cases these are quite different from the originals.

    But keep up the good work!




    Hi Great Dane.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    I’ve been in contact with before using their pictures – As I always do, when I need to borrow stuff – and they’ve said I could use the images.
    I have to assume that they have ownership of the images – Otherwise they can’t lend out the images to me…. Right? :roll:
    On the other hand, should they be "stolen" and someone was to contact me, I would ofcourse remove the images from ASAP.

    I also know that a lot of the liverpool medals medals are "creative".. I’ve seen loads of strange mounts, wrong ribbons and wierd inscriptions..
    – I do try to make sure the images are correct, by reading the official description of the medal and comparing to the image, but if you see anything on the website that’s completely off, please let me know :)

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