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    fred j borgmann

    After 45 years of collecting Wisconsin medals I wrote and published my Wisconsin medals book. In the book I listed several medals, which I have never actually seen, based on photos and mention of the medals by name in WNG Adjutant General Reports.
    Recently I found this photo of a WNG Sergeant wearing a spectacular looking gold marksmanship medal on the left. From blow ups of the scan I was able to determine that this medal is the Gold Medal of the Wisconsin National Guard Officers Association (Borgmann) B-34, awarded for the highest aggregate score, which was awarded from 1906 to 1908. Going through the WNG Adj. Gen. Reports for 1906-08 only one winner of this medal was a sergeant and that was Sgt. C. F. Asmuth of Company A, 1st Regiment who won the award in 1906. The other medals indicate that he qualified for the Expert marksman badge B-17 and the Distinguished Marksman cross with the State Team brooch B-26. The top medal is unknown to me as is the private issue souvenir cross on the right.
    Wisc unknown300.jpg

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