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    I have 2 questions about a Vietnam grouping.

    The brooch on the Purple heart is marked LIGI, I thought it was only in 1973 that Lorship Industries changed his mark HLP for LI, I’m I wrong or, as the PH was awarded in 1970, the medal is a replacement ? By the way there is WWII Bronze star and an Army commendation medal in the group, both are engraved, not the Purple heart.

    On the ribbon bar, the PH is just after the BS and before the ARCOM, I thought that before 1985 the PH came in last position of the personal medals so after the ARCOM ?
    Porini Grp 3e.jpg
    Porini Grp 2.jpg

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    jb floyd

    I suspect the Purple Heart is a replacement, especially as the other decorations are named. Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact date of the name change for HLP, but it was around 1972-73.

    The ribbon bar reflects the post-1985 precedence.

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