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    France started the ball rolling with its third revolution in less than 60 years ( 1789, 1830 and 1848) with the public calling for fairer government , less repression of the citizenry and universal suffrage allowing for a constitutional parliament instead of direct rule.

    The flames were fanned toward Austria and then Prussia . The violence in Austrian cities especially Vienna had grown and the spread of uprisings across the states led to further uprisings in Piedmont and some Italians states.

    Prussians also called for freedom of the press as well as the tenants for a parliamentary rule.In Berlin people called for King Frederick William’s head if their demands were not met.

    Cries of a "united Germany" called the King to action and he played for time dealing to the crowds with promises as he waited for non available assistance from neighboring states.

    The military and the armeekorps rushed into the major Prussian cities were hamstrung and were required by a law of 1835 to give several warnings before firing at the unruly mobs. Usually they were unable to finish the warnings before they were overwhelmed by the mobs.

    After several significant cities came under control of the mobs, including Stettin and Leipzig and the threats of insurrection in Baden, Saxony and Hesse the King gave in to the crowds demands and pressure from the leaders of the neighboring states.

    As he addressed a crowd from the palace balcony to yield to their demands a shot rang out and the dragoons present charged the crowd in response killing several people. the scene grew into a massacre as hundred s were being killed.

    Sickened at the actions of the dragoons, several armeekorp units refused to fight their own citizens and started to join the rebellion. the king eventually called all his soldiers to return to their barracks and called upon the population to put down their arms and destroy the barricades they had built in the streets.

    The citizens laid their dead in the royal courtyard and the king was forced to bow to the rows of corpses in front of his palace

    He then submitted to the citizens demands.

    The imprint around the center of the medal is "seinen bis in den tod getreuen kriegern" – His warriors loyal to the death

    In the center of the medal is the date "1848" then "Friedrich Wilhelm IV" and the date of "1849" underneath.

    i hope you enjoy looking at the medal. Any information about volume issued and correct ribbon would be welcome.


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