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    Here is a recently received notice……..

    Although primarily aimed at New Zealand residents, this could also apply to any "furriners" who’ve always planned on visiting NZ…..the perfect excuse……

    Mods. Please note the theme is universal.

    Readers; please do not respond on this forum. Use the mail address at bottom of notice.

    "A group of New Zealand collectors of Orders and Medals is considering holding a weekend seminar/get-together for interested persons.
    It is proposed to hold this at the Wairakei Resort, Taupo, April 4 – 6, 2014. The resort has offered discounted room rates (from $135) and discounted meeting room hire. There is plenty for other family members to do in the region. See http://www.wairakei.co.nz
    We have been offered a private dining facility for a group dinner, probably with a guest speaker,on the Saturday night.
    To make the best use of the deal offered by the Resort we would encourage everybody to stay together in this hotel.
    The plan is to meet informally on the Friday night (in the bar?) and then to hold seminars and lectures on Saturday and also Sunday morning, finishing at noon. If you are willing to make a presentation of, say, 20-30 minutes please let us know. If you wish to exhibit of some of your collection or special subjects, also please let us know. Because of the costs involved there will be no special security arrangements – guards etc. Any items you might bring will be fully your responsibility.
    There will be a small “registration” fee $20 – $30 to cover basic costs and meeting room hire etc. This will be payable via PayPal. Fee will depend on numbers attending.
    Accommodation costs will be payable, individually, directly to the Hotel. It is yet to be decided what form the Saturday dinner will follow – be it a set-meal or a-la-carte.
    We are not restricting the theme of the meeting solely to New Zealand or British Orders, Decorations and Medals – although this will be the dominant theme. ODM from all parts of the world are welcome.
    Some of you may have items you want to sell or trade. We envisage publishing, to all attendees, an anonymous vendor list of such items a week before the event. Deals to be done at venue.
    This meeting is not being sponsored by any existing society, and so will be open to anyone wishing to attend. Promotion will be through known associations and by word-of-mouth only. For security reasons there will be no public advertising. Similarly there will be no published list of persons attending. If you receive this notice and know of individuals or groups who might wish to attend – please forward this notice. This notice is being posted to OMRS UK, OMRS NZ, JOMSA, BMF and GMIC forums. Please advise of any other groups which may be interested.
    If all goes well this could become an annual event.
    Initially all communication will only be through the email address shown at the foot of this notice.
    At the moment this is just a proposal.
    We are looking for your responses;
    1. Are you likely to attend if your circumstances permit?
    2. Are you definitely going attend (if the proposal comes to fruition)?
    3. Are you willing to make a presentation – subject?
    4. Do you wish to stage an exhibit?
    5. Would you attend the Saturday night group dinner?

    To help us determine if this planned event is feasible and should proceed please reply to the above questions as soon as possible – but DEFINITELY BEFORE 20TH DECEMBER. Please be sure to leave your name – it will not be divulged.

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