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    Great Scott!

    I think this is a Japanese medal but I have no idea what it is or its age.  Does anyone here know what this is?  It measures 3.5 inches across and the center is similar to the Order of United Glory based on the description given by Peterson in The Medal Collector, Volume II # 2 (Sep-Oct 1960).  The larger blue & white portion is not the same, however.  Thank you for your help!



    The design looks like it comes from Taiwan (Republic of China)… but I don’t recognise it straight off… will have to delve a bit!

    jb floyd

    Frankly, this looks like one of the endless stream of fakes and fantasies that continue to pour out of China through Ebay.  Many incorporate elements of real orders and the multi-colored enamelled rays seem to be a particular favorite.  They may have graduated from the “hairpin” style of pins, but the absence of a polished back still points to a very modern origin.


    Hi.  I don’t see an image of the medal.  Is there one?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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