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    Frank Dutil

    Here are the pics of the Fourragère of the Order of Liberation

    Created on 23 February 1996 by decree of the President of the French Republic, Mr Jacques Chirac, it is intended to perpetuate the Order of Liberation and preserve the memory of the Companions of the Order of Liberation. The commanders of 17 units and ships decorated with the Cross of the Order of Liberation were awarded this new fourragère from the President of the Republic himself during a major ceremony at Mont Valerian on June 18, 1996.

    GROUND FORCES (10): 1st Marines Parachute regiment, Pacific Marines regiments of French Polynesia and New Caledonia, 2nd Marines regiment, Tchad Infantry regiment, 1st Spahis (indigenous light cavalry) regiment, 501st Tank regiment, 1st and 3rd Marines Artillery regiments, 13th Foreign Legion half-brigade.
    AIR (4): Fighter squadrons 2/30 "Normandie-Niemen", 1/30 "Alsace", 2/5 "Île de France" and 3/33 "Lorraine".
    NAVAL (3): the submarine "Rubis", the Corvette "Aconit" and the school for Marines.

    (Note: why are Marines units listed in ground forces? I don’t know…)

    Sorry about the soso quality of the pics, it was done hastily with my scanner. Notice the miniature insignia of the Order on the 2nd pic.

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    In France, Marine troops are the former Colonial troops, they are part of the army even if the name could be confusing.


    Off topic and out of curiosity: who serves in these ex-colonial units, now that the colonies are no more? Frenchmen?


    Frenchmen served in the colonial troops, they were french units deployed in the colonies (and in France during the 2 world wars). Senegalese, Vietnamese, Algerian, Moroccan… units were something else and not part of these colonial troops, they were disbanded at the end of the french colonial empire.

    In 1967, the colonial troops were renamed "Troupes de Marine". The same thing happened for the colonial medal who is today the overseas medal.


    French Marines also served in posts along the Mississippi River prior to the Lousiana Purchase of 1803. . . . . .

    jim barker

    Interesting that the cords are sewn together rather than braided as in the typical fourragere.


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