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    The Wyndham Hotel link  and the registrations form link for the 2016 OMSA Pittsburgh Convention  is now posted in the “Convention Tab” at the top of this page.

    You can also review the tentative schedule.

    See you there!

    jb floyd

    Help needed for the US Seminar program!

    I’m looking for someone to be a US seminar speaker at the 2016 convention. Here’s a chance to be an active participant in the convention, dazzle everyone with your knowledge and generally be helpful to the society.

    If you have questions or are ready to step forward, please let me know.


    Jeff Floyd

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    Your OMSA Board of Directors has approved new exhibit rules to be used at the OMSA Pittsburgh Convention (see attachment). These exhibit rules will also be posted under the “Exhibit” Tab >”Upcoming Convention” Tab>”Convention” Tab you can access at the top of the OMSA home page. The (12) judging criteria points are basically the same, so how you organize and construct your exhibits should not really change from years past. What does change is how the judges rank and tally the results as to who gets a gold, silver and bronze. These changes were done in response to complaints we received after last year’s exhibit results. Post questions here if you have them and I will try to respond.



    OMSA Exhibit Regulations Rev 050112016


    I notice we haven’t had any Convention pictures since 2011 – please will someone take their camera along and capture in feel of the Convention for those of us who cannot get there!


    Just browsed the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and it appears to be booked out for Convention period. Does OMSA have a block of rooms reserved?



    Yes Graham – but I’m still to received detailed information about the hotel, hopefully it will be available soon.

    Cheers, -Peter


    Rumour has it that there was a Convention in Denver in August, this year ! Or was this just “fake news”? Was anybody there ? Any news, photos, comments etc


Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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