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    Does anyone have any information or contacts for obtaining specific medals for a museum display? I have been recently hired to catalog and evaluate the entire collection of a rather small museum. There are two local Tuskegee Airmen, a Navy Cross recipient, three different Purple Heart recipients, and a few others who have medals that are not available on the market, legally or illegally (there is one fellow who has a Gold Lifesaving medal)

    How would the museum go about obtaining (legally) copies of these medals (they do not have to be the actual medals, and we would, in fact, prefer that they were not originals, but rather museum copies) for use in our exhibits on these individuals?

    Does anyone have any idea how we would go about doing this?


    About 10-12 years ago I acted as intermediary in the sale of a Medal of Honor that was in the possession of a European citizen living in Europe to a US museum. The museum made a notarized statement that they were a museum and wished to acquire the MoH for legitimate display purposes, which they sent over and it was packaged with the medal and shipped back without problems. I do not know if US Customs actually opened the package or not, the labelling stated what the contents were & that they were going to a legitimate museum.

    I would suggest that you take US legal advice, though, and perhaps speak with the local FBI office – as they tend to take the lead in such things, think it’s regarded as a federal matter. If they are satisfied that you are acting on behalf of a real museum for legitimate purposes, you should not have issues from them. As for the suppliers that you approach, getting a notorized statement from your museum should settle any qualms that they have; and if they are overseas ones the trick of sending it with the package should get it through.

    This is amateur advice, please talk to a professional before you start your quest!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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