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    Some time ago I purchased a ‘group’ of US Army medals to an unknown recipient. I think it is a group and not just an assemblage but it’s possible they were put together? Possibly 5th Division recipient?

    Any suggestions/help would be most gratefully received –

    War with Spain – M No 4529

    Mexican Service Medal – No 8251

    Victory Medal, clasps Somme Defensive/St Michiel/Meuse Argonne

    New York State medals for Mexico (seems to be 4498) & World War 70306

    Finally there is a ribbonless Spanish War Veterans Cross – B 46588

    Thanks, Jonathan

    John Strandberg

    The MNo numbers are not traceable and I don’t believe the Mexican Service is either. Your best bet is to use the NY medals. I am sure there is a collector on the US Militaria Forum that can help you. Once you have a name then you can use this link to see if you can find a name match. https://catalog.archives.gov/search-within/601682. If there is a match these medal cards will have the medal serial numbers on them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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