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    fred j borgmann

    This gold medal is of multi-piece construction. The brooch is engraved with the word “RECRUITING” and engraved in the center of the medal in the three lines is “47 // I // N.G.” which is within an applied gold wreath made of a different color gold alloy. The number 47 is a regimental number. The “N. G.” stands for National Guard. Since the term “national guard” is used this piece was most likely issued after the civil war. There was a national guard recruiting drive going on just before and during the Spanish-American War era. Since the New York National Guard was the only one with a 47th regiment the letter “I” stands for infantry and not the state of issue.

    The 47th was a New York City regiment raised entirely within the city in 1862 and has a long history of service including Civil War garrison duty in Washington DC, the NYC draft riots of 1863, the railroad riots of 1877, the Fire Island riot of 1892, and the Buffalo switchman’s strike of 1895. During the Spanish-American War the 47th served in Puerto Rico.
    This gold medal is not marked as to gold content but it is at least 10k and probably .500 fine gold with a copper or bronze alloy. I did a specific gravity test on this medal but with all the trapped air spaces due to the construction of this medal, any results would be lighter weight than the medal actually is. Even so this medal still tested out at between 10.46- 10.5 which is close to where it should be for 10 k gold. There is a file test notch on the reverse which was done before I got the medal so I do not have those results. The total weight of the medal is 11.66 grams.(.1562 oz AGW at the 10k minimum) Size; the medal is 29.4mm in diameter, the brooch is 35.5mm wide at it’s widest point and the entire assembly is 69mm tall.
    N Y 47 I526 – Copy.jpg
    N Y 47 I 525 – Copy.jpg

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