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    Hi, in July of 2014 my book came on the collectors market, listed under the title: World War I – Victory Medals, By James Michels. This new book is selling on Amazon.com, Amazon.uk, and some of the major book stores. In the book there are over 200 large illustrations. It also has the story of the US Victory Medal from the start in Paris in 1919 up to it issue date in Philadelphia in 1920.

    This book covers the story of the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps Victory Medals. Covering clasps, pins, boxes and a matrix chart listing the entitled clasps of many U.S. Army Division. Many close-up illustrations of the Victory medals showing how to distinguish official issue from reissue, reproductions and un-officials medals which covers medals from these countries: United States, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, Siam, United Kingdom and South Africa.

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