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    Hi – I was hoping someone could help me date this 8th Calvary Regiment insignia badge. I have seen a couple variations- one with a clutch back and one that is right facing. Mine is left facing with a pin on the back. Does anyone know if there is a significance in issue dates of right or left facing badges or when they went from clutch to pin backs? Here’s the picture of mine. I don’t see any ID marks on the back.

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    fred j borgmann

    The pin and catch makes me think WWII.

    jb floyd

    These were worn in pairs, so a pair will consist of a left-facing and a right-facing badge. The pin-back with the open catch certainly pre-dates World War II, as clutch-back badges/wings/etc gained popularity during the war.


    I read online that this insignia was approved in 1927, so that really helps narrow down the date on this if it is pre-world war II. Thank you for your help and all information!!

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