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    Kelly Shortt

    Is there an  OMSA reference or referral to a reference that provides for cleaning the pendant? I have seen some internet methods… however, wanted to ask those that are in this specific hobby that may have “been there & done that.”

    Have some US pendants that is all that remain from poor storage. The bugs have eaten the drapes and everything else is missing or easier just to replace. Thanks to the Orlando convention I have obtained ribbon. I am working with WW2 victory, Army good conduct, Asiatic-Pacific, WW2 Army of occupation, and American defense pendants.

    Having looked up a couple of the DLA spec sheets, I see red brass as the base material on what I have looked up. Will look up all to verify. Hopefully all are same material.

    The goal is to restore and use for a group display for a deceased relative that served in the WW2 Philippines operation. Thanks for any guidance.

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