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    Posted on behalf of Frank Draskovic:

    Hello Gents, Please have a look at this Knight’s Badge of the Mecklenburg Schwerin Griffin Order (obv and rev scans at 800dpi). I bought this at OMSA a half dozen or so years ago, but I’ve just looked closely at it today and compared details to Nimmergut’s listing, his no. 1679 in vol. 2.

    My piece measures 46.5mm high x 43mm wide and weighs 13.7 grams. Nimmergut says Knights are 49mm x 49mm and the weight as 20.2 grams. He seems not to include the pie shaped suspension in his measurements! If his 49mm size is correct, isn’t it unusual that a Knight would be larger than the Knight with Crown (his no. 1678) which he quotes as 44mm x 44mm, not including the size of the crown?

    Other than the size and weight, what bothers me about my piece is the pebbling within the pie shape suspension. It does not actually consist of raised dots as pebbling should be, but rather like irregular, somewhat circular, broken raised lines. If other members who are specialists in German Imperial Orders would have a look and comment, I’d be most appreciative.

    Many thanks, Frank D.



    Nimmergut’s book, even though it is the most comprehensive work so far on German medals has many little mistakes. The measurement of 49×49 could be one of them. 43 to 45 mm indicates this to be a knight cross of the Griffin order. This would be measured from tip to tip excluding the suspension wedge. The next higher grade on a suspension device would be the commander cross and measures around 63×63 mm.

    It looks like your piece being a fairly early one showing the pebbling in the suspension wedge. Later pieces towards the end of the existence of the order are far worse in quality.

    Overall a nice example of the Griffin Order knights Cross.


    P.S.: The Griffin order, other then the Ehrenkreuz and Stars, are normally not marked. The 800 silver mark Nimmergut shows in the description of no. 1679 indicates a non typical make of that cross.

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