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    Below is a write up of my first purchase of the year. Last year was a fairly quiet one but this year is off to an excellent start. This group marks a big leap in my collecting, the first MC group I have purchased. As some of you may know, I have long been interested in the IGS medals and have long looked for a good MC group which included an IGS 1908. I have watched a number, bid on a few but have only been lucky enough to get this one. Some of the information below came with the group but I have since found out a fair amount in addition. Hope you all enjoy.

    Lt. Col. Philip Cowrie Scudamore, M.C.

    Military Cross, G.V.R.; 1914-15 Star (Lt. P. C. Scudamore, 11/Rajputs); British War and Victory Medals (Lieut. P. C. Scudamore); India General Service 1908-35, 2 clasps, Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919, North West Frontier 1930-31 (Capt. P. C. Scudamore, 11 Rajputs); India General Service 1936-39, 1 clasp, North West Frontier 1936-37 (Lt. Col. P. C. Scudamore, 2-7 Rajput R.); Defence and War Medals 1939-45; Coronation 1937.

    Philip Cowie Scudamore was born in August 1891 in India, first commissioned in January 1911, and joined the 11th Rajputs on his arrival in India later that year. He was the son of Walter Victor Scudamore, a Royal Engineer officer. Walter V. Scudamore retired as an Honorary Brigadier (medal group whereabouts unknown include IGS 1895, clasps Punjab Frontier and Tirah, QSA (clasps unknown but MID) and KSA, 1915 trio) and was, in turn, son of Major-General Arthur Scudamore (group consists of CB, Ghuznee medal, Punjab medal with clasps Chillanwala and Goojerat, and Mutiny medal with clasp Central India which sold as part of the Ritchie sale on 2 March 2005).

    P.C. Scudamore saw active service in Iraq in 1915-16 and South Waziristan in 1917 where he was wounded. The M.C. was one of the 21 M.Cs were gazetted in 1920 for the Third Afghan War – British Gallantry Awards, by Abbott & Tamplin, refers. M.C. London Gazette 3 August 1920: ‘For distinguished service in the Field in the Afghan War, 1919.’

    By February 1924 he transferred as a Company Commander to the 4th Battalion, 7th Rajputs, advanced to Major in January 1928 and received the further clasp of the North West Frontier 1930-31 to his IGS 1908. The last IGS, with clasp North West Frontier 1936-37, he earned as C.O. of the 2nd Battalion, following his advancement to Lieutenant-Colonel in June 1935. Entered on the Retired List in June 1939, Scudamore was recalled during the Second World War and was employed by the Inspectorate of Chemical Warfare, G.H.Q. India.

    He married Dorothy Ann Penny on 19 December 1924. She died in 1961 in Bournemouth. I have found no record of any children. Philip Scudamore died in 1973, also in Bournemouth.

    Additionally, Scudamore was one of the co-authors of Historical records of the 5th Bn., 7th Rajput Regiment (late XI Rajputs). I have only traced two copies of this book: one in the New York Public Library and the other at the Imperial War Museum. There is also an album of 188 photographs by Scudamore in the India Office materials of the British Library. Although I have yet to see the photos, they appear to include images of Bushire, Chitral, Iraq and the Third Afghan War.

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    Congratulation! This is a cracker set!

    As a Dubs enthusiast, I purchased my first officer group just a little pit time ago and finished my write-up. No MC now or anything so “fancy” as yours but isn’t just the feeling of doing great research the best – main reason to collect!

    Timo aka Noor




    Thanks for the comments. I do really like the group but it is fun to research any group. The surprises that come up make the medals far more interesting to me.

    I look forward to seeing your officer write-up.

    Best wishes,


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