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    connie cee

    Dear Medal enthusiast

    I am Connie Davis, the daughter of a soldier whose medal I understand was sold via OMSA Convention approx 8 years ago and am hoping that whoever bought it might consider selling it back to me, or if you know who bought it, ask them to contact me please with a view of selling the medal back to me.

    I didn’t get to meet my Dad until I was almost 3 years old. . I was born in Jan. 1951 and my parents were only married a few months when my Dad was posted out to Malaya and then Egypt. Obviously I didn’t really know my Dad at all but over the years we did have some form of relationship which was good enough for him to give me his medal just prior to him leaving my Mum and I in 1968. He had told me he was leaving but I never believed him.

    I never saw him again until 1977 when I was about to get married, by then he had married for the 3rd time and I asked him and his wife to come and stay with us, which they did on 2 occasions. I didn’t realize at the time that when they came she took the medal which had been shown to her when we were all talking about days past, when I asked her about it some weeks later on the phone when I noticed it was missing, she said that as she was now his next of kin then it was
    hers! I was devastated but couldn’t risk an arguement in case I never saw my Dad again, which unfortunatley I never did.

    I was an only child, and was very hurt by him not having any contact with me but it wasn’t until after his death I discovered that his wife had told him he had to choose between me and her and as he was a very sick man at that time he chose her.

    In the intervening time I had moved around various parts of the world and eventually settled back in the UK, in 2002, I had a message via the local Worcester radio station to contact an aunt in Norfolk, I knew that it was to do with my Dad and it was, he had died 2 days previously in Bristol. I phoned his wife who was wailing that she didn’t have anyone to push her wheelchair and do the shopping etc! She said that my Dad didn’t leave me anything because he had nothing but I never wanted anything apart from the medal which he had given to me originally. I now have 2 sons and 2 grandsons, who obviously I would like to pass the only thing that I would own of my Dads, I honestly have nothing else of his. My Mother was so bitter about him leaving us that she destroyed all the memories, photographs and letters of his. It is not the value in pounds and pence but the memories I have of the time I did have a Dad and a Mother. Old fool I may be but if you could possibly help me to locate this medal, I would be most grateful.

    Of course I can furnish proof of my relationship and hope that you will look favourably into my request for help as to where I should try next in my quest to find the medal once again. . Many thanks for your time, and I look forward to your response.
    Connie Davis.
    United Kingdom

    Email: nothingtodaythanx@googlemail.com

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