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    fred j borgmann

    League of Saxon Front Soldiers
    Bund Sachsischer Frontsoldaten, Honor Cross II Class noncombatant version without swords. Niemann lists this version as 2.02.32 g and does not illustrate it. The catalog price for this version is also slightly higher so I assume that the noncombatant version is scarcer than the combatant version. My example of the noncombatant cross has had the swords expertly removed with only the portion of the swords in the wreath remaining. I am sure this was done for a noncombatant veteran who was issued a cross with swords or it may have been issued in this altered state when a noncombatant version was unavailable. My question is does any one have a noncombatant version that was issued that way; a cross with no evidence of ever having had swords? With no sword blade or hilt remnants on the wreath? Thanks, Fred
    Saxony obv WWI.jpg

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    Frank Dutil

    Apologies, I don’t have an answer for you… :oops:

    I simply had to say… "WOW!" :o I had heard and read about these but this is the very first example I’ve seen in 30+ years! :shock:

    Thank you so much for posting! It’s posts like this that keep me wanting more and more!


    fred j borgmann

    Thanks Frank, no apologies needed. I ‘m glad you like it. I am beginning to think that when this medal was designed and produced no one thought anyone would want a noncombatant version.

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