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    Hi everyone,

    I run a small Facebook page called Knight Kappers. The name comes from a nickname given by my aunt to a group of about 55 loosely associated guys who served in World War II from their home area in Pennsylvania. She and her husband had them over while they were on leave from schooling — you name it. It was social. My aunt also sent out 127 weekly newsletters to all the members during the course of the war. Two of the Knight Kappers were KIA (1 in the Battle of the Bulge and the other with the sinking of the USS Underhill). My only purpose is to honor the men and women who served during WWII — the generation is almost gone from us. I don’t post much here — obviously — but I read your posts and it occurred to me that some of you have done such meticulous work in researching the recipient of various awards. I’m hoping you might be willing to share them on my page. Tell who they, why they received the award — so they are not forgotten.

    I don’t care if you "like" my page or not. I’m not trying to boost my like count (it’s not relevant to me — it’s a hobby). My settings allow anyone to post and not have to like my page. But I would be thrilled (and honored) to have any of you share your work.

    I am a third generation veteran. My grandfather served in both World War I and II, my father served during the Korean War, and I served in the Army and am a Desert Storm Veteran. So keeping these stories alive are important to me. If admin feels they need to remove this post feel free. I didn’t think I was violating any rules, but if I missed it my apologies.


    Dave Young (https://www.facebook.com/KnightKappers)

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