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    Hi Gents,

    I picked randomly up this medal yesterday and I would like to find out what it is.

    I was quessing ruffly that it is something from Iran maybe. I remember green colour ribbon, what they commonly used and also the figure on the reverse looks from that area. But honestly – I do not have knowledge of that area.

    Any help would be great!


    Timo aka Noor


    Looks like it is from Iraq instead like I have been advised. But does any of you gents know more about it?

    Material looks like silver, ribbon is most likelly original and had been attached a long time.



    jb floyd

    The obverse figure is Assuerus (Xerxes in Greek) and the reverse depicts a human-headed winged lion (lamassu), a gate-guardian figure from the palace of the Assyrian king, Ashurnasirpal II. The cuneiform writing beneath the lion also connects to the Mesopotamian region.

    The images are more Iraqi than anything else in modern terms, but it is likely to be an unofficial commemorative piece of some sort, as few official pieces would have an extruded loop.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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