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    jb floyd

    Here’s an unusual piece, which I’d never seen before acquiring it.

    It’s silver-gilt and enamel; marked "BB&B/Sterling" on the back of the top bar. Iowa sent about 7000 men to the Mexican Border, including an ambulance company and a field hospital. In the absence of any other information, I’ll assume that the medical units’ personnel were the recipients of this medal.[attachment=1]img349.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]img350.jpg[/attachment]

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    fred j borgmann

    I wonder if this could be an Iowa Red Cross award.

    jb floyd

    That’s certainly a possibility, but I would not expect the Red Cross to use a "State of Iowa" top bar and no reference to the Red Cross other than the center of the pendant. Somebody spent a fair amount of money to have BB&B strike these. While that was not beyond the capability of the Red Cross, it just seems more likely that it was a governmental agency. Of course, we won’t know until we can find some documentary evidence on the badge.

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