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    Some years ago a close friend of mine, an architect, was asked to check over an old house. The family knowing he collected militaria (he never failed to tell anyone he met) told him to take anything he found of interest.

    There were some R Dublin Fus medals and swords etc

    BUT…also an Indian Wars group of 4 (all numbered) with original documentation to a 7th Cavalry survivor of The Little Bighorn, a Farrier. My knowledge of the period is very incomplete but I understand he was in part of the Regt not directly with Custer.

    A (Dublin born) man of many parts, he served later in the Infantry/Engineers/Coastal Artillery, in that order from memory. I seem to remember he left the army pre WW1 and all the items were contained in a large bamboo decorative tube from the Philippines. The Indian Wars medal was on it’s original drape and there were ribbon bars etc. The late W/Cdr E O’Toole, well known by older OMSA members, managed to extract some ribbons from the owner.

    The rub is, when I checked the numerical Indian Wars medal roll, it says the medal was awarded to a certain commissioned officer and not the Farrier!?

    Is it common to find a mix up in the issue of these? Or any other Federal Medals.


    Correction…I got it wrong!

    Incorrect Philippines medal issued – No 1899 which should have went to 1st Lt AT Dalton, 20th Inf. But this now poses the same question?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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