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    fred j borgmann

    It is not often that I run across a German medal that I have never heard of and can not find listed in any reference book. These Hagen Notopfer medals of 1949 are one of those medals. Hagen is a German city in the Rhineland 30 miles north-east of Dusseldorf. The reason that they are not listed in my military medals books is that these are most certainly fund raising medals. As far as I know there was no disaster in the city of Hagen in 1949 but there was a national effort to raise money to aid the sick and starving citizens of West Berlin during and after the Soviet blockade of 1948-49 made so famous by the Allied Berlin Airlift. This must be the reason for the issue of these medals too. Each medal depicts a nursing sister supporting an emaciated male figure with two buildings in the background above the divided date 19-49 which forms a cross shape reminding one of the Red Cross. All within the legend “NOTOPFER DER STADT HAGEN.” The reverse has a modern style squared oak tree which is the Hagen city coat of arms. The wide v shaped loop probably means that the medal was intended to be worn on a neck chain. The medals I have are in 34mm and 50mm diameters and are in bronze and silver washed bronze. Hagen was probably not the only city to have issued such medals.
    Copy of Hagen Notopfer medals.jpg

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    Very interesting piece!

    Frank Dutil

    Nice, thanks for sharing, very interesting!

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