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    Being completely clueless on US medals to a certain extent I was wondering if anybody could give me a briefing on this piece?!

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    jb floyd

    The World War I Victory Medal, with the Navy "Grand Fleet" clasp.

    The clasp was awarded to anyone "regularly attached to any vessel forming part of the Grand Fleet between 9 Dec 1917 and 11 Nov. 1918."

    The "Grand Fleet" referred to the US Battleship Division 9, under RADM Hugh Rodman, which joined the British Grand Fleet as 6th Battle Squadron. It consisted of USS Florida, USS Wyoming, USS New York, USS Delaware, USS Texas (from January 1918) and USS Arkansas (replaced Delaware in July 1918); and their supporting ships.

    Although there was no major action for the "Grand Fleet", the US ships certainly added substantial force to the British Grand Fleet and helped keep the German fleet bottled up.

    About 7500 "Grand Fleet clasps were issued.


    Thank you!

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