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    From what I can tell this was engraved by Lea Alhborn which is the name at the base of the neck. Not a military medal. From what I have researched it may have belonged to one of these people? and maybe an Illis Quorum medal?:

    1848 – Rafael Ginard i Sabater
    1873 – Sophia Wilkens
    1883 – Lea Ahlborn
    1890 – Karin Åhlin
    1895 – Sophie Adlersparre, Emmy Rappe
    1896 – Hilda Caselli

    If it’s not an Illis Quorum then what? I found silver medals online that were very similar to this but none in gold.

    Help would be appreciated!! Thank you.
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    Medal is for the Royal Patriotic Society, a semi-official civilian society under the patronage of the king. Technically not a royal order or medal and the award is designed to reward activities and pursuits of a private nature that are of benefit to the country. These are minted in gold and silver, some are named.

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