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    I recently was going through a box of items I inherited from a Great Uncle who was an avid collector of orders and medals. In this box was the following items which I was interested in finding out value of. I came across this site researching one of the books which was the most unique as it was signed by the author to a famous Philadelphia Architect. I then came to realize that there is a whole journal collection from OMSA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    -Orders & Medals The Journal of the Orders & Medals Research Society- 38 different journals dated from 1959 to 1967
    -American Orders & Societies and Their Decorations- original 1917 copy, hand-signed " To David Knickerbocker Boyd, of the Color Guard of the Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the Revolution with Compliments of , Jennings Hood, 1925"
    -Storia Degli Ordini, Vigenti Ed Estinti, Domenico Guadagnini, has same embossed plate pictures with paper overlay
    -The Standard Catalogue of British Order Decorations & Medals, 1969, signed by author E. C. Joslin
    -Orders de Chevalerie et Recompenses Nationales
    – Orders & Medals of Japan and Associated States , Orders and Medals- Society of America, James W. Peterson, 1967
    -Orders and Decorations of All Nations, Ancient and Modern, Civil and Military by Robert Werlich, 1965
    – Spink Numismatic Circular- 15 isues dated from 1982 to 1984
    – 3 golden gate military auction catalogs, from ”85, ’86, ’87
    -Der Spiegel magazine printed in Germany, January 1962

    I have no idea about any of this. Other than I say the Jennings Hood book was rare

    jb floyd

    The book market is in a deep, deep trough. The old collectors already have a library of older sources; the new collector believes that the knowledge of the universe is on the internet.

    Partial runs of OMSA Journals are hard sells. A complete run (missing only a few of the latest issues) may bring interest, but you’re looking for a small number of players who understand the value and are willing to cough up the cash. You’ll be lucky to get $1 per issue.

    Joslin’s Standard catalogue is long outdated and sells to collectors looking to complete the run of such catalogues. These are around $15-20 in the market.

    The Bourdier book on French awards still has valuable content and is handy for identiying designers and types. These are $35-45 in the market.

    Jim Peterson’s monograph on japanese awards has been superceded by a later edition (with many color plates), so the early edition only brings $10-15.

    Werlich’s books still form the basis for a good library. Although basic, the book still brings $85-100 to a world order collector.


    thanks a lot! Huge help. Do you know anything about the Storia Degli Ordini, Vigenti Ed Estinti, Domenico Guadagnini?
    Unfortunately I have no idea who the author is or what the title is since it is in Italian. I googled it and Abe books had exact copy as far as I could tell going for $500 but I don’t know if that is realistic or not. I also don’t know if I am better selling as a bundle and if I should be looking for antique book collectors or medal collectors. I stopped at an antique book store and he said look for a medal collector and he would base the price off of abe books. He suggested I try and sell through ebay or craigs list because dealers will take such a high percent


    Is any member able to direct me where I can obtain a replica (or new original) of the current "Office of the Secretary of Defence Medal for Exceptional Public Service"? This is the entry level bronze version similar to the "Outstanding" silver and "Distinguished" gold versions, the latter two are illustrated in the Society’s Medal Collectors segment (but the bronze level I’m looking for is not illustrated). The ribbon colours (red/white/blue) are the same for all three, but "Exceptional" bronze version has the wide centre band in WHITE. :mrgreen: :lol: :D

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