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    Good day all,
    This is my first visit to this sight.I have been researching my fathers service in the ETO for a while.Short summary;D-day +31,Utah beach,Not sure,XII or XV corp,3rd army,then 7th army after 9-44,72nd Publicity services and psyc warfare battalion. 5 battle stars(normandy,no.france,ardennes,rhineland,centra l europe)Fourgere.EIB.
    Main duty,truck driver and radio operator and baby sitter for war correspondents.Front line all the way and then some.Nurenburg trials.discharged 3rd army 1st div 26th infantry.
    Now the questions;What French awards would he be eligable for?
    *Medaille des service volontaires dans la france libre(cross of lorraine)
    *Croix de combatant(39-45)
    *Medaille commemorative de le guerre(39-45)
    *medaille de la france liberee
    *medaille de jubilee
    This is important to me because my mother was a war bride from Nancy.
    I want my children and grandchildren to know their history.
    Thank you all so much.
    Bob Berry


    Did your father serve in the French Army before join the US Army? Normally these award are for french service only.


    No he did not serve with the french military.Some of my research has indicated that the cross of lorainne was extended to certain US units fighting in france.And I believe the french liberation medal was awarded to all foriegn and domestic troop that helped liberate france and then was converted to commemorative medal.US personnel could wear it up to the 1950.The Jubilee Medal was awarded to all normandy vets but is no longer issued by france.
    Research has indicated that the above were awarded to certain units.I am just trying to confirm what is appropriate that may have been awarded to US personnel.


    None of them were awarded to foreign soldiers. The médaille de la France libérée was sometimes awarded to foreigners but only if they asked for it and after decision of a commission. He could have recieved the war cross but only for act of bravery. If there is no french awards listed in his discharge papers, he certainly didn’t received anything

    What do you call the Jubilee medal ? Never heard of that before.

    Frank Dutil

    He probably used an online translator, I bet he means the "Médaille commémorative 1939-45".


    It was the 50th anniversary Normandy commemorative medal.No longer available from the French Govt.. Thanks again gentlemen.


    This medal is more a souvenir rather than an official awards even if sometimes given by french officials.

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