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    richard lussier

    Hello, my name is Rick Lussier. For the last 40 years I have been a member of OMSA and have been conducting research on the awards of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I have recently been invited to participate in the OMSA Pilot Blog Program and to author a blog on the orders, medals and decorations of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In addition to the Austro-Hungarian blog I would like to establish an Austro-Hungarian forum where those interested could discuss a wide range of issues and facts related to the collecting of Austro-Hungarian Awards. If you would enjoy taking part in such a forum please let me know and I will seek to establish it so we can share with each other in the more spontaneous forum environment.


    jb floyd

    Those of us who still use the Falkenstein book after many, many years look forward to a new source on this field.


    I’m looking forwards to learning more about Austro-Hungarian ODM!



    richard lussier


    I still occasionally look at the Von Falkenstien book as well, sometimes for nostalgic reasons and sometimes to cross reference a fact I am researching.

    I hope as time passes my blog posts and forum conversations will make a contribution to those who are interested in the orders, medals and decorations of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as I am. I hope I can in a small way contribute as Dan Ragsdal did 46 years ago in writing his book on Imperial Austrian Medals and Decorations to the interest, understanding and scholarship in this area of collecting.

    I very much look forward to corresponding with you and others who, like myself have an interest in continuously learning about the orders, medals and decorations of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


    richard lussier


    Having visited your Medals of the World web site on several occasions I find it to be very impressive and highly useful. I am very delighted to meet its author. I hope in the future we can have discussions on the Orders Medals and Decorations of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that we will find mutually interesting, valuable and pleasant. I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you



    Thank you Rick… it’s always good to meet someone who specialises in a particular nation or period so I can enhance my knowledge of it.



    richard lussier


    If there are specific questions you may have regarding Austro-Hungarian OMD please let me know and I will endeavor to answer them. Although there is still a good deal of OMD related information I have not been able to find there is also a lot that I have found and am happy to share. Hope at least occasional I will have some information of value for you. I am also eager to learn from you and others on this forum and hope you and they will be able to fill in some of the gapes in my research.


    enzo calabresi


    I will be glad to be of any help regarding the study and research about the Orders & Decorations of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

    By the way, many of the medals illustrated in Dan Ragsdale’s (a.k.a. “Joseph v. Falkenstien”) book and indicated as “Fattovich Collection” (having been part of the large and beautiful collection of the late, Venetian/Dalmatian gentleman), have been auctioned in Turin during 2015.

    All the best,



    Hello Enzo – good to see you again, it’s been a while! Would that I’d had access to images from that auction!


    enzo calabresi

    Hello Megan,

    nice to read from you here too. Regarding the Fattovich sales, I’ve just emailed you about.

    I hope that discussions on the Orders and Decorations of Austria-Hungary would start here too.

    Best wishes,


    richard lussier

    Megan and Enzo

    I think it might be interesting now that we have three of us on this forum site to commence discussions on topics of interest so that we can enjoy sharing with each other and also so that we might attract other parties interested in the awards of the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empire. As a starting place I suggest that you might want to check the blogs I have written and see if you have follow up questions regarding any of the blog content or as an alternative please feel free to pose a question we can explore together or suggest a topic you would like to see us discuss.

    I look forward to commencing a discussion with you and others who may share our interest and to exploring topics of common interest.




    OK. The first thing I’d like to discuss is the order of precedence. You may have seen what I have been doing with British Orders in the OMSA Images Database, I’d like to do the same with ODM of other nations… so I shall be looking to ‘subject specialists’ to help!


    richard lussier

    Megan I am happy to assist you in your fine work. I am going to provide an order of precedence list below but before I do I wish to share a couple of comments. First as you can imagine the order of precedence changed over time as new awards were added to the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian award system. The order of precedence I am providing is that which was in effect in 1918. This list, I have found, is usually the most useful. Second please note that while the order of precedence does account for the class of orders and decorations it does not differentiate between those awarded for military or civil service, nor does it differentiate awards with swords and with war decoration from those awarded without these additional elements. Therefore I want to be sure to share with you that wherever an award is placed in the order of precedence, those awards of the same rank granted with war decoration and swords would be worn in the senior position above those awarded with war decoration which in turn took precedence over those awarded without war decoration.  In addition awards on the war ribbon took precedence over the same award on a civil ribbon. With these variations in mind what follows is the 1918 Austro-Hungarian order of precedence:
    1. Order of the Golden Fleece
    2. Military Maria Theresia Order, Grand Cross
    3. Royal Hungarian Order of St Stephan, Grand Cross
    4. Military Merit Cross, First Class
    5. Order of Leopold, Grand Cross
    6. Order of Leopold, First Class
    7. Order of the Iron Crown, Knight First Class
    8. Order of Franz Joseph, Grand Cross
    9. Military Maria Theresia Order, Commander
    10. Royal Hungarian Order of St Stephan, Commander
    11. Military Merit Cross, Second Class
    12. Order of Leopold, Commander
    13. Order of the Iron Crown, Knight Second Class
    14. Order of Franz Joseph, Commander with star
    15. Order of Franz Joseph, Commander
    16. Military Maria Theresia Order, Knight
    17. All Kleine Decorations
    18. Franz Joseph Commemoration Cross, First Class
    19. Royal Hungarian Order of St Stephan, Knight
    20. Order of Leopold, Knight
    21. Red Cross Merit Star
    22. Order of Franz Joseph, Officer
    23. Order of the Iron Crown, Knight Third Class
    24. Order of Franz Joseph, Knight
    25. Officers Bravery Medal in Gold
    26. Officers Bravery Medal in Silver
    27. Military Merit Cross, Third Class
    28. Red Cross Decoration, First Class
    29. Ecclesiastical Cross, First Class
    30. Decoration of the Elizabeth Theresia Military Foundation
    31. Honor Insignia for Archduke Albrecht
    32. Honor Insignia for Arts and Sciences
    33. Ecclesiastical Cross, Second Class
    34. Great Military Merit Medal
    35. Silver Military Merit Medal
    36. Bronze Military Merit Medal
    37. Bravery Medal in Gold
    38. Gold Merit Cross with Crown
    39. War Cross for Civil Merit, First Class
    40. Franz Joseph Commemoration Cross, Second Class
    41. Red Cross Decoration, Officers Cross
    42. Gold Merit Cross
    43. Silver Bravery Medal, First Class
    44. Silver Bravery Medal, Second Class
    45. Bronze Bravery Medal
    46. Elizabeth Medal
    47. Silver Merit Cross with Crown
    48. Silver Merit Cross
    49. Iron Merit Cross with Crown
    50. Iron Merit Cross
    51. 1873 War Medal
    52. War Cross for Civil Merit, Second Class
    53. Schleswig-Holstein Campaign Medal for 1864
    54. Tyrol Defense Medal of 1848
    ;55. Tyrol Defense Medal of 1859
    56. Tyrol Defense Medal of 1866
    57. Karl Troop Cross
    58. War Cross for Civil Merit, Third Class
    59. Military Service Decoration for Officers, First Class, (50 Years)
    60. Forty Year Faithful Service Medal
    61. Military Service Decoration, Second Class for Officers, (35 Years)
    62. Military Service Decoration, Third Class for Officers, (25 Years)
    63. Franz Joseph Cross third class
    64. Red Cross Decoration, Second Class
    65. Military Service Decoration, First Class for enlisted personnel
    66. Military Service Decoration, Second Class for enlisted personnel
    67. Military Service Decoration, Third Class for enlisted personnel
    68. 1908 Landsturm Medal
    69. War Cross for Civil Merit, Forth Class
    70. Red Cross Silver Honor Medal
    71. 1898 Jubilee Medal for Household Personnel
    72. 1898 Jubilee Medal for Armed Forces
    73. 1898 Jubilee Medal for Civil Service
    74. 1908 Jubilee Cross
    75. Kaiser Franz Joseph Cross
    76. Bosnia Herzegovina Commemoration Medal
    77. 1912/13 Mobilization Cross
    78. 1892-93 Sea Voyage Medal
    79. Wound Medal
    80. Red Cross Bronze Honor Medal
    81. Home Guard Forty Year Long Service Medal
    82. Home Guard Twenty Five Year Long Service Medal
    83. Life Saving and Fire Fighting Medal
    84. Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knight of Honor
    85. German Knights Order, Knight of Honor
    86. Honor Insignia of the Knights of the Golden Spur
    87. German Knights Order, Marian Commander Cross
    88. Order of St John of Jerusalem, Donates Cross
    89. German Knights Order, Marian Cross
    90. Tyrolean Matriculation Badge

    If I can be of further assistance, please let me know


    Magic, thank you Rick. I’m sure there will be plenty more questions forthcoming soon…


    Jan Sehnal


    I would like to buy an O/O Franz Joseph Officer. Would you advice me what is a fair price? Is there a price difference between a badge with war decoration and without?




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