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    Can anyone point me in a direction to find out more information on the Dutch Distinguished Flying Cross?
    I have only ever seen one example and that was an auction lot at the OMSA Convention in Jacksonville about 5 years ago. It sold before I even know it was available.



    The Dutch Flying Cross (Vliegerkruis) was established 23 August 1941for distinguished acts involving aerial flight against an enemy. Originally the intent was to have 2 classes, but the single class award was eventually preferred.

    The insignia consists of a four-armed cross with a crowned central medallion inscribed "INITIATIEF MOED VOLHARDING" (INITIATIVE COURAGE PERSEVERANCE) and an albatross with outstretched wings across the central medallion and out along the horizontal arms. The date 1941 appears above the albatross. The reverse is plain with an inscription giving details of the recipient. The ribbon is diagonal orange and white stripes, in obvious homage to the UK Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon of diagonal purple and white stripes.




    Thanks Megan,
    It has been almost a year and I have not had much luck with pursuing this medal.
    Too much work and not enough $$$.
    I appreciate your input.

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