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    This badge/ medal was popular during the Wiemar years, particularly amongst the SA.

    It has the applied figure of a German combat soldier with the GES Gesch patent on the reverse and stamped Hamberg 11 maker marks.

    A little worse for wear it is still in good condition given its age and the enameling.

    issued between 1920 until it was banned in 1935 it allowed the wearer to show that they had completed service in WW1 without the requirement to join a larger veterans organization such as the Kyffhauser bund or Saxon verband.

    This was a matter of pride between the various veterans groups who publicly denounced the medal and refused to allow veterans group members to wear them.

    Whilst this medal, in and of itself, could not be classified as rare it is uncommon to find examples that still have complete gilding and enamel intact.For this reason the prices of any lots will vary according to completeness and quality.

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