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    The various veterans and regimental associations that flourished in the German states combined to form "shooting clubs’ and finally a Federal shooting championship. This added a sporting and competitive edge to what was essentially considered a military discipline.

    Shooting clubs and veterans shooting associations formed " the social militarization of a people" as civilians and non serving men were allowed to join. This helped maintain and invest extra training that helped create a very prepared and well disciplined body of men at short notice for active service.

    Originally commencing in 1862 the idea was to hold a shooting competition at this skill level every three years. At one stage the shooting clubs fell out of favour with the Prussian military and the advent of the Franco Prussian war amongst others threw the schedule out.

    This medal is from the Leipzig event , the Eighth championship meeting,that ran for seven days from 20-27 July 1884. Over 2100 members were registered as entrants and the shooting was competitive over a series of 120 ranges . The grounds of the event were around the Gabentempel which had a festival hall, a gift shop and a members pavilion.

    Many German immigrants to the USA took the ethos of the ( shooting clubs) with them and many German- American shooting clubs remain active in the USA today although they did fallout of favour with the people in the 1917s and later in the 1940s for obvious reasons.

    shooting medal leipzig 1884.png
    shooting medal leipzig 1884 (Obverse).png

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