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    Frank Dutil

    I am sad to announce the death of M. Rick Lundström. (RickResearch, RickL)

    Rick was a well known collector and researcher in the phaleristic World. He was taken from us all too soon in a vehicular accident yesterday morning (17 Sept 2013).

    To those who knew Rick, he will be sorely missed… Our prayers and condolences go to his mother and relatives.

    jb floyd

    Rick was the research student of George Seymour, who was a pioneer in the methodology of identifyingperial German medal groups through the use of rank lists, award statutes and medal rolls. As more data became available, Rick was able to refine his skills and become the master of the art of putting a name with an otherwise anonymous medal group. The "research gnomes" will undoubtedly carry on in the search of knowledge.

    Rick was also the scourge of those who fabricated groups and ribbon bars. His illustrated work on ribbon bars, which he so freely gave to the collecting community, should be studied by anyone contemplating putting money into Imperial German medals.

    On top of that, Rick had a great (if somewhat unusual) sense of humor, which can be seen in his postings, but which came through best in personal contact. Rick was well aware that he stood on the shoulders of giants, but his work added so much to our perspective on Imperial German awards.

    The German field, and the collecting community, has lost a tremendous asset.


    Tragic. A great loss.

    john f.

    Rick and I didn’t always agree on a few subjects, topics and issues back when he hung his hat at the WAF forum but I always respected his position and opinions. Rick was a walking encyclopedia when it came to imperial orders as well as Soviet and other collecting fields, his knowledge and expertise will not easily be replaced.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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