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    Frank Dutil

    I recently acquired this "July Monarchy" Legion of Honor, it’s the only one of my 8 LoH with enamel damage this bad. Is there a trick to limit the fretting? Glue? Lacker? Prayer?

    I’ve already had a few chips fall out and its making me cry every time.
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    In my opinion, prayer is the best !

    Oyherwise you could use white glue, this won’t damage the medal like superglue or lacker.


    Hi Frank,

    Not a lot to do, I’m afraid. Maybe you could try Felix’s tip…




    You could try clear finger nail polish. It can be removed with acetone, and if you only put it around the edges of the chipped enamel, it will not change the appearance of the enamel itself. I think it would be easier to remove than white glue.


    There is a cold enamel that, if carefully mixed and applied will match perfectly. It is removable with acetone or lacquer thinner.

    Frank Dutil

    You have my full attention… Do go on. Name brand?


    I don’t recall the particular brand. A good jeweler’s supply company will have cold enamels, get a starter kit and follow the directions to the letter. Rio Grande in Albuquerque, NM should be a great place to start.

    "Cold enamels" search should reveal particulars.

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