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    roy langston

    I have a curious medal of some sort I have tried to research it on the net but with no luck, I have posted some pictures with additional info. hope someone out there can give me an idea. the center piece with the cross on has 2 crossed swords with the words “in hoc signo vindes” these are faint but they are there.

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    jomsa editor

    Not sure what it represents but it appears to be connected to the Knights of Columbus.

    jb floyd

    The General George A. Custer Commandery No.385, Knights of Malta, was located in Buffalo, New York. It appears to have been most active in the 1910-1915 period.  This would be a lodge membership badge.

    A number of fraternal organizations with Masonic connections use the “In Hoc Signo Vinces” [In this sign he conquers] motto.


    This is a Malta Jewel, for this particular Commandery. Not all the Cmdy’s used the standard Type Jewel, that we are use to seeing. IE; the one a lot of people mistake for a GAR Death Badge, (It most defiantly isn’t)


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