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    fred j borgmann

    This is a regimental lapel badge of the Connecticut National Guard Second Infantry Regiment’s Company K. The badge is marked “Solid Gold” on back meaning it is 10k gold. This gold cross is 25mm (just over 1 in.) in diameter and weighs 3.91grams. This badge is of two piece construction and is beautifully engraved with black enamel highlighting. The center circle is mounted on the body of the cross and has the black enamel letters CNG and the date 1871 divided by ornamentation. The CNG stands for Connecticut National Guard and the date 1871 must be the date the company was raised and accepted into the CNG. In the center of the raised circle on the body of the cross is the number 2 and the letter K in gold on a black enamel background. The 2 is the regiment number and the K is for Company K of the 2nd regiment. The original owners name may have once been engraved on the back and then removed at a later time. This badge would have been expensive in the late 1800’s which indicates that membership in this unit must have been quite an honor and the badge would have been proudly worn on the original owners civilian lapel.
    Conn 2nd r524.jpg
    Conn 2nd r523.jpg

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