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    next award from my humble colletion:

    Commemorative Medal for the Election of Prince Ferdinand I, 2nd Class, 1887

    The Medal was instituted on 21st December 1887 and awarded to military who had been members of the garrisons of the towns through which Ferdinand I passed on his arrival in Bulgaria on 2nd August 1887.
    Prince Ferdinand Battenberg (of House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) was a well-connected, German prince, related to many of the crowned heads of Europe. He became King (Tsar) of Bulgaria in 1908 on the declaration of the kingdom until 3rd October 1918 when country became defeated in the Great War.

    This award is Maltese cross type, with fleur-de-lys between the arms. Obverse centre medallion bearing the crowned cipher of Ferdinand I within a ring inscribed “БОЖИЯ И НАРОДНА ВОЛЯ” (By the will of the Prince and the People).
    The reverse central medallion bearing the Saxon coat of arms within a ring inscribed “25 ЮЛІЙ 2 АВГУСТЪ 1887” (25th July 2nd August 1887).

    All awards made by Rothe in Vienna and 2nd Class only 1,019 were issued.

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