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    lukasz gaszewski

    Found this on the Net and was quite surprised it had not been on the forum yet. I found it on someone’s blog (ODM unrelated), with just this caption and no other information:

    I managed to find the legal act of 2010 that introduced it (). The excerpt regarding the cross reads as follows:

    The President may award a Coast Guard cross of appropriate design, with ribbons and appurtenances, to a person who, while serving in any capacity with the Coast Guard, when the Coast Guard is not operating under the Department of the Navy, distinguishes himself or herself by extraordinary heroism not justifying the award of a medal of honor—
    (1) while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States;
    (2) while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force or international terrorist organization; or
    (3) while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

    The same act allows awarding the Silver Star when CG is not operating under the Dept. of the Navy and extends the conferment of the Distinguished Flying Cross to CG (for some reason it does not include the Bronze Star and Air Medal). I was unable to determine if the act is already in force or not.

    I personally can hardly see the use of a cross like this. As CG is normally not involved in combat operations and the new cross is a combat award, it will be one of the rarest U.S. awards, particularly that it can be conferred only when the Coast Guard is not operating under the Department of the Navy. Of course, as a medal researcher and collector I am happy to see any new medal established.

    Now it is probably the time for the Coast Guard Medal of Honor as well! If it is ever established, remember it was me who first put forward the proposal :D :D :D

    jb floyd

    The Coast Guard probably sees its missions in anti-piracy, counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics operations as worthy of an independent decoration, and assumes that an action by a Coast Guardsman will rise to the level required for the award of this decoration.

    IMHO we need to get rid of a large number of medals, decorations and ribbons before we create new ones. However, that would require some hard decisions and a comprehensive policy.



    I couldn’t agree you more. I would love to see at least half of the existing medals and ribbons disestablished.

    Brian Whalen


    You guy are right. They should have one medal or ribbon for all branches, ie 1 good conduct instead of 5 different. The same goes for all the others that each branch has there own versions.


    This medal has come about due to the War on Terror combined with the CG’s orientation towards the Homeland Security mission. The CG currently has units deployed to the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, and had units deployed to Iraq, all while the CG was/is not attached to the Dept. of the Navy. This is all not to mention that an as-yet-not-happened maritime terrorist attack could be an eligible circumstances.

    Recently, a CG Chief Petty Officer was killed in a confrontation with smugglers off the Southern California coast. It doesn’t sound like any actions rose to this level, but it would be interesting to see how an awards board would interpret the application of this decoration to the CG’s law enforcement duties vice homeland security/defense operations.

    To get more back to the topic; I agree that this will be a rare award, both because of the small size of the CG and the limited operations which would be eligible. I think the institution of this award was necessary to cover those areas where a Guardian would be eligible to be recognized at this level, but wouldn’t be eligible for the Navy Cross, because it’s "peacetime."


    The same act allows awarding the Silver Star when CG is not operating under the Dept. of the Navy and extends the conferment of the to CG (for some reason it does not include the . I was unable to determine if the act is already in force or not.

    I’m a little confused about that statement about the DFC, since hundreds of them have been awarded to CG aviators already. (And, continue to be on a regular basis.)

    The Bronze Star and Air Medal, likewise, are already authorized for award to CG personnel. Here’s a recent example:

    The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" (Posthumously) to Damage Controlman Third Class Nathan B. Bruckenthal, United States Coast Guard, for heroic achievement in connection with combat operations against the enemy while serving as Boarding Officer with U.S.S. FIREBOLT (PC-10) and the United States Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment 403 during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM on 24 April 2004. While patrolling the security zone around the Al Basra Oil Terminal in Iraqi territorial waters, Petty Officer Bruckenthal detected a small, unidentified dhow proceeding towards the Oil Terminal. After maneuvering the tram to screen the oil terminal, Petty Officer Bruckenthal approached the dhow to investigate its actions. As the boarding team drew alongside the dhow, the attacker on board the vessel, realizing he had been discovered, detonated explosives packed on board, mortally wounding Petty Officer Bruckenthal. The explosion alerted all in the area to an ongoing coordinated attack, allowing security forces to destroy two additional explosive laden vessels, thereby preventing massive casualties, irreversible environmental damage, and the destruction of the Iraqi peoples’ major economic lifelines. By his zealous initiative, courageous actions and exceptional dedication to duty, Petty Officer Bruckenthal reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Coast Guard and the United States Naval Service. (Damage Controlman Third Class Bruckenthal is authorized the Combat "V".)

    Action Date: April 24, 2004

    As I’m sure we are all already aware, the CG also has it’s own Distinguished Service Medal and the Coast Guardsman’s Medal. (And it’s own versions of Commendation, Achievement, Good Conduct, and unit awards…)

    I really think the bottom line with this new CG Cross is to fill in the only blank left in the CG’s awards system, which is more likely to be needed in the age of terrorism.


    Any update on this Medal?

    ed muller

    Not an update but more information.

    The specs are here (I hope it works it is a PDF file)

    http://docimages.assistdocs.com/waterma … C7FFA3.pdf

    You will please note under note 5 that

    5. This item is not authorized for commercial sale, and may be produced only under
    Government contract and at the request of the U.S. Coast Guard.

    So now there is another medal that we CANNOT COLLECT (unless awarded).


    I believe you will find that most of the newer military valor medals and civilian medals are going to have that notation attached. Collecting US medals is going to get a lot harder.

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