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    September Van Kirk

    I have looked at every resource I can find and cannot find this medal anywhere for the life of me. Can anyone help me out with identification? value?


    Please and thank you in advance!

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    September Van Kirk

    I believe the date on the bottom of the medal says DECEMBER 14, 1928.

    Also, the helmet depicted on the medal is a Japanese Army helmet, standard uniform issue from WW2.

    Still cannot find this exact medal or anything in relation to its value.

    Thanks again for any help anyone can offer.

    jb floyd

    It certainly is not  a national Japanese award. I suspect that it was a local award and the key is probably in the inscription.  Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to find someone who can read the kanji.  Japanese awards below the national level are mostly undocumented, which is a shame and very frustrating.


    Rough translation:


    ‘Great Japan Army, Takenobu Platoon, [????]  War Commemorative. 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Day of Provisional Government, Republic of China 28th Year [1940] December 14.’


    ‘Award from Nanle County Governor [??].’

    Nanle County: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanle_County

    And here: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/南楽県

    Ed Sun

    Hi, if you want to sell this, please send me message. thanks

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