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    fred j borgmann

    Canadian WWI & WWII “Welcome Home” Medals
    A trial listing combining the medal listings of the late Ross Irwin and George Brown, both pioneers in this field, plus my collection by issuer’s names.
    By Fred J Borgmann
    Alberta Lodge, Alb. WWI .925 sil.
    Aldborough, Ont. WWI 10k
    Alvinston, Ont. WWI brass
    Amherstburgh, Ont. WWI 10k
    Arborfield, Sas. WWII booklet
    Arnprior, Ont. WWI brass
    Artemesia, Ont. WWI 10k
    Aurora, Ont. WWII bronze on wood
    Belleville, Ont. WWII certificate
    Bentinck, Ont. WWI 10k w/ broach like pin, 9k
    Birtle, Man. WWI 14k
    Blake Township, Ont. WWI 14k
    Bradford & West Gwillimbury, Ont. WWI 10k
    Brantford, Ont. WWI booklet-menue
    Briercrest Dist., Sas. WWI 10k
    Brock Odd Fellows Lodge #9, Ont. WWI 10k
    Brock Township, Ont. WWI 10k
    Brockville, Ont. WWI certificate
    Broderick, Sas. WWI 10k
    Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen, USA & Canada, WWI brz
    Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, USA & Canada, WWI brz
    Brownsburg, Que. WWI?
    Burks Falls, Ont. WWI 10k
    Caldonia, Ont. WWI sil
    CEF 135 Batt. WWI Certificate
    CEF 240 Batt. WWI Star shaped fob WWI unit medal, sterling and enamel star suspended from a silver brooch pinned to a black watch fob ribbon.
    Canadian Mounted Rifles Regiment, Ont. WWI certificate
    Canadian Pacific Railway WWI certificate
    Cannington, Ont WWI 10k
    Cardston, Alb. WWI brz
    Cayley, Alb. WWI gold wash
    Cayuga, Ont. WWI certificate
    Charlottetown Fire Dept., PEI WWI oval
    Clan Campbell, National, WWI gold plated brass
    Cornwal, Ont. WWI brz
    Crowland Township, Ont. 10k
    Deloraine & Winchester, Man. WWI brz
    Depot Harbour, Ont. WWI 14k
    Drummondville, Que. WWI brz
    Dundas, Ont. WWII certificate
    Dunwich, Ont. WWI 10k
    Durham, Ont. WWI
    East Gwillimbury Township, Ont. WWI 10k
    East Kilbride, Ont. WWI gold
    Eatons, Dept. Store, many locations, WWI 14k
    Eganville, Ont. WWI 10k
    Elderslie, Ont. WWI 10k
    Elma, Ont. WWI 10k
    Elnora, Alb. WWI 10k
    Fort William Patriotic League (F.W.P.L.), Ont. WWI 10k
    Fergus, Ont. WWII brz
    Forest, Ont. WWI 10k
    Fraser Valley School Trustees, BC. WWI alu.
    Fulbeck, Alb. WWI brz
    Fullarton, Ont. WWI: 10k, WWII: certificate
    Georgina Township, Ont. WWI 10k
    Glen Ewen, Sas. WWI .925 sil
    Granby, Que. WWI gold wash
    Grimsby, Ont. WWI sil
    Halifax, NS, WWII card
    Hamilton, Ont. WWI certificate
    Hamilton, Ont. 1917 Citizens Service League sterling 26 mm, 8.77 grams.
    Hastings, Ont. WWI certificate
    Havelock, Ont. WWI 10k
    Hespeler, Ont. WWII certificate
    Holland Township, Grey County, Ont. WWI brass
    Holm field & Dist., Man. WWI sil
    Humberstone, Ont. WWI certificate
    International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths, Drop Forgers & Helpers, WWI brz
    Kamsack & District, Sas. WWI silver & wood
    Keewatin, Ont. WWI sil
    Kent Bridge, Ont. WWI 10k
    Kingston, Ont. WWI card
    Kinmel Park, North Wales, UK, Transit Camp for Canadian Troops, WWI sil
    Kintore, Ont. WWI brass
    Knights of Pythias, Lodge #6, BC, WWI brz
    Langham, Sas. WWII, sil
    Lashburn District, Sas. WWI sil
    La Tuque, Que. WWI sil
    Leaside, Ont. WWII card
    Lennoxville, Que. WWI sil
    Lindsay, Ont. WWI brz (2 types)
    Loganton, Ont. WWI 10k and sil versions
    London, Ont. WWII certificate
    M.S.S.C. (Montreal Snow Shoe Club) Que. WWI sil
    Mankota, Sas. WWI sil
    Maple Ridge, BC, WWI silver finish
    Masonic, WWI .925 sil
    Masonic, WWI Peace .925 sil
    Merritton, Ont. WWI 10k
    Metcalfe, Ont. WWI gold wash
    Midland, Ont. WWI brz or brass
    Miniota, Man. WWI sil
    Moncton, New Bruns, WWI certificate
    Montreal, Que. WWI: white metal. WWII: card
    Montreal West, Que. WWI brass
    Moose Jaw, Sas. WWII card with menue
    Mosa, Ont. WWI 10k
    Mount Forest, Ont. WWI 10k
    Mount Moriah Lodge #35, AF & AM, WWI gold
    Nelson, BC, WWI gold plated
    Newburgh, Ont. WWII certificate
    Newmarket, Ont. WWI 10k
    Niagra, Ont. WWI sil
    Niagra Historical Society, Ont. WWI sil
    Nichol Township, Ont. WWI gold
    Normanby Township, Grey County, Ont. WWI gilt silver
    North Gower, Ont. WWI 14k
    Nottawasaga Township, Ont. WWI 10k
    Oak Lake, Man. WWII brz
    Oil Springs, Ont. WWI 10k
    Orangeville, Ont. WWII certificate
    Owen Sound & Grey County, Ont. WWI silver
    Paisley, Ont. WWI sil
    Pembroke, Ont. WWI brz
    Plumas, Manitoba WWI 10k gold, 9.93 grams on gold pin to be worn without ribbon.
    Plympton Township, NS. WWII certificate
    Port Arthur, Ont. WWI certificate
    Port Colborne, Ont. WWII plaque
    Port Dalhousie, Ont. WWI brass
    Preston, Ont. WWI sil
    Qu’ Appelle, Sas. WWI 10k cufflinks
    Rama Township, Sas. WWI brz
    Ramses & West Lincoln, Ont. WWI brass
    Regina, Sas. WWII mirror & card
    Richmond, Que. WWI sil
    Rocanville, Sas. WWI 10k gold, 7.28 grams, 31.3 x 39.3 mm.
    Rockwood, Man. WWI sil
    Russell, Man. WWI sil
    Sasatchewan, WWII generic certificate
    St. George, Ont. WWI 10k & certificate
    Sanford, Man. WWII sterling medal and brooch on dark blue ribbon. Total weight 33.5 grams, medal 37.7 mm.
    Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. WWI: sil WWII: brz
    Scott, Sas. WWI sil
    Seaforth, Ont WWI 10k
    Shawiningan Falls, Que. WWI brz
    Shediac, N.B. WWI sil
    Shell Oil Co. of Canada, WWII sil
    Shellbrook, Sas. WWI sil
    Shoal Lake, Man. WWI sil
    Souris & Glenwood, Man. WWI sil
    South Grimbsy, Ont. WWI gold
    Stanley Township, Ont. WWI 10k
    Stanstead Village, Que. WWI 10k
    Stonewall, Man. WWI sil
    Strasbourg Community, Sas. WWII wood and metal plaque
    Sudbury, Ont. WWII certificate
    Sydenham Township, Ont. WWI sil
    Tay Township, Ont. WWI brz and gold washed
    The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba, WWI 10k
    Thorold, Ont. WWII certificate
    Tignish, P.E.I. WWI bronze and also a gold version
    Tilbury North Township, Ont. WWII bookend
    Tillsonburg, Ont. WWI sil
    Toronto, Ont. WWI & WWII certificates

    Toronto, Eaton’s Battery, WWI Gold 14k, 13.16 grams, 21.5 x 33.4 mm including loop. Issued medals are named.
    Treherne, Man. WWI 10k
    Vancouver, B.C. WWI certificate.
    Vancouver, B.C. 1919 Peace Celebration, bronze.
    Verona District, Ont. WWI .925 silver on wood.
    Victoria, BC. WWI certificates, 2 types. WWII certificate
    Victoria County, Ont. WWI brz. Also a Welcome Home Celebration medal.
    Village of Winnipegosis, Man. WWI sil
    Ville St. Jerome, Que. WWI sil
    Viscount & District, Sas. WWI 10k
    Wallaceburg, Ont. WWI sil
    Welland, Ont. WWI 10k and certificate
    West Lorne, Ont. WWI 10k
    Weston, Ont. WWI gold
    Whitechurch Township, Ont. WWII 10k gold ring.
    Whitemouth, Man. WWI sil
    Winnipeg, Man. WWII card
    Woodstock, Ont. WWI silver plated loving cup
    YMCA, WWII card
    York, P.E.I. WWI sil

    fred j borgmann

    Just in case anyone may be interested here is a listing of Canada’s pre 1914 local issue medals.

    Canadian pre 1914 Local Military Service Medals

    Welland County, Ont. Sil, brz and white metal to veterans of the battles of Ridgeway and Fort Erie

    Norwood Village, Ont. sil
    Victoria County, Ont. gold

    Boer War
    Canada, generic, white metal, three types

    Clarksburg, Ont. gold locket: Obverse Masonic & Odd Fellows symbols.
    Reverse engraved town and name inscription.

    Halifax, N.S. sil table medal

    Toronto, Ont. Silver medal plus brz on wood plaque

    Westmount, Que. Brz with enamel high lighting

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