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    I am certain this medal is Bavarian by the lion rampart gold on blue

    It is Pre- Kyffhauserbund so am guessing 1870 – 1918

    Nice 25 year membership medal, enameling is excellent, ribbon is in good nick

    maker marked – Deschler and Sohn, Munchen and it has the Ges Gesch stamp so it is a authentic veterans membership medal

    I would be appreciative if any one could provide details of the Mitglied/ veterans association that is associated with this membership badge and what the B.K.B would stand for
    Bavarian Meitglied Cross.png
    Bavarian Mitglied medal (Reverse).png

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    Bayerischer Krieger-Bund membership Cross with oak leaf cluster for 25 years of membership.


    thank you for the feedback , much appreciated

    j. mcculloch

    Nice. Probably Weimar, but might be 1950-1960s.


    As I recall, the Austrian, Hungarian and Bulgarian medals were awarded upon application (and payment of a small fee). I don’t think I’ve ever seen any criteria requiring that a soldier have served in any particular theater to qualify. But, if you consider the economic situation of Germany at the time these medals were issued, I’m sure some veterans could only scrape up enough cash for one or two

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