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    jb floyd

    While the Brooklyn MBS Medal is relatively common, until last week I had never seen an original box for it. That box had a printed label on the top which said, in essence, "From the Citizens of the Boro of Brooklyn to the Men of the 23rd Regiment".

    So, the question is — was the medal only for the 23rd Regiment, or were there other boxes for other units?

    Brooklyn units that sent men to the Border:
    14th Infantry: 43 officers, 646 men;
    23rd Infantry: 39 officers, 661 men;
    47th Infantry: 47 officers, 560 men;
    1st Cavalry: 55 officers, 904 men;
    2nd Field Artillery: 38 officers, 627 men.
    Total: 222 officers, 3398 men

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