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    This British Military Medal piece was shown to me recently at a Collectors Fair in Romania,
    [attachment=1]Small Image.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]Small Image (R).jpg[/attachment]
    it came from a Romanian family along with some other period piece Romanian Military Medals
    such as – barbatie si credinta,(Manhood and Loyalty,) crucea comemorativa, Romanian Commemorative Cross of War for WW1,
    ARPA medal, (Medal given for donation to help build up the Romanian air-force) serviciu credincios, (Credible Service Medal) such a group would be indicative of being to a low ranking Non-Commissioned Officer or Senior Private in the Romanian military.

    I have found one other MM here in silver before, but, this version is apparently in steel or Iron and silver plated.

    As common with British MM given to Romanians the edge of the medal is not stamped with any details.

    Size:- 3.65 cm of the medal disc.
    Size:- 5.6 cm with hanger – ribbon bar.
    only notable difference between the Silver version and this is in the weight department,
    I am trying to find the paper where I noted the difference down. :oops:

    Any information regarding this variation would be appreciated
    Small Image.jpg
    Small Image (R).jpg

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