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    This was published by Bailey, Banks, and Biddle in 1917. Anyone have any idea on a value of the book?

    I’m going to an auction tomorrow to bid on it, but it’s so old and doesn’t come up for sale much, so I have no idea on value.


    Well, I won the bid on this one, and I’ll try to post a couple pics when I get time to take some pics.

    The book is amazing. Just not the kind of thing that’s made anymore. Would cost hundreds per copy to do today – color plates of the actual-size medals with embossed images, so you can actually "feel" the medal. Also has a tissue-paper (see-through) leaf over each color plate and printed on the tissue paper directly over the image of the medal, is the name of the medal.

    jb floyd

    The Hood & Young book is a classic in the field. Anyone interested in society badges will need it sooner or later.

    A reprint was produced in England by Naval and Military Press, which used high-quality digital images of the plates, but did not have the embossed plates.


    Would you mind sharing purchase price or what you value it at? I just found one signed by Jennings to a famous Philadelphia architect, David knickerbocker Boyd for his work with Pennsylvania sons of the revolution


    Jeff I also have a reprint dated 1991 on the flyleaf and it indicates this was printed by the London Stamp Exchange. It is exactly like the original BB&B version, blue hard cover but marked London Stamp Exchange Limited in the lower left corner where the original was marked BB&B. This one also has great color plates but no embossing and no tissue interleaving with the color plates. Ever seen this one and any idea of value?

    jb floyd

    London Stamp Exchange did the reprint. Then the owner of LSE opened Naval and Military Press for other reprints and original titles. They re-printed the Hood/Young book using digital imagery, so they got an excellent reproduction. The reprint is around in the used book market for under $25.

    There are also newer reprints, including some in paperback.

    You’ll find the the original 1917 volume listed in the out-of-print/antiquarian market at $150-175, but you’ll find them in the used book market at $35 and up (often with condition problems, but still an original). With the autograph or an inscription by the author, you’ll discover that book collectors will add substantial value (assuming they can identify the recipient), but people interested only in content won’t see much value added by an autograph or inscription.


    I got this information from the actual medals, local records and a major source which is a directory of German social organizations in the USA circa 1914.

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