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    fred j borgmann

    I have always had a lot of respect and fascination for military medical awards. In every war we see thousands of soldiers trying to kill and maim each other as efficiently as is possible. In the midst of all this carnage there is always a small number of dedicated people desperately trying to save lives, often at great risk to themselves. Recently I stumbled across this Bavarian 1866 Civilian Doctors Cross, H&S 298, on an internet auction site. I have known about this award since I started collecting German medals in the 1960’s. Since only approximately 60 of these were awarded according to Hessenthal and Schreiber, I assumed that I would never find one that I could afford. I was wrong. This bronze cross is 46.4 x 53.8 mm in size and weighs 21.77 grams. At this point it should be noted that this cross is missing the pin and catch on the back. The front of the cross has “1866” on the Bavarian arms in the center wreath. On each of the arms is the snake staff of Asklepios. The back has ribbed arms with raised borders but no inscription or design.

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